Working with the Presentation Medic may be the prescription you need to cure your boring presentations. Here are some of the services I can offer you:


I’ve successfully used the Medic’s Method preparation process (examine, diagnose, prescribe) for over 20 years. It’s designed to help you structure presentations that make the audience understand, care, and remember. Watch a 5-minute preview of the workshop below:

Each workshop is customized to your business and presentation challenges. We’ll work on transforming your boring presentations into talks that capture and keep the audience’s attention. I can also post a password-protected recording of the session for your reference.

I recommend the Medic’s Method workshop for small to medium-size groups who present technical information to non-technical audiences. We can also schedule more advanced sessions in an in-person or Webinar format.


With this personalized training, we’ll work together to analyze your audience, review your presentation structure, and develop content and slides.

Just like a personal fitness trainer, I’ll teach you techniques to strengthen your presentation and explanation skills. With the PPT service, we’ll work together to make your next presentation memorable and understandable.

Although my specialty is technical presentations, I also coach speakers for TEDx talks, sales presentations, and financial seminars. Please contact me for more information and pricing.